Creating a Scheduled Task Using PowerShell to Run A Script Every Hour”

To create a scheduled task that runs a specific batch file every 1 hour using PowerShell, you can use the New-ScheduledTask cmdlet. Here’s an example command:

$action = New-ScheduledTaskAction -Execute 'powershell.exe' -Argument '-WindowStyle Hidden -File "C:\Scripts\autorun\start.ps1'
$trigger = New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -Once -At (Get-Date) -RepetitionInterval (New-TimeSpan -Hours 1) -RepetitionDuration ([System.TimeSpan]::MaxValue)
$settings = New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet
Register-ScheduledTask -Action $action -Trigger $trigger -TaskName "RunSrvGit" -Settings $settings
  1. $action = New-ScheduledTaskAction -Execute 'powershell.exe' -Argument '-WindowStyle Hidden -File "C:\Scripts\autorun\start.ps1'This line creates a new scheduled task action using the New-ScheduledTaskAction cmdlet. The action specifies that it will execute powershell.exe. The -Argument parameter specifies the arguments to be passed to the executable. In this case, it specifies -WindowStyle Hidden -File "C:\Scripts\autorun\start.ps1', where -WindowStyle Hidden ensures that the PowerShell window is hidden, and -File specifies the path to the PowerShell script to be executed (C:\Scripts\autorun\start.ps1).
  2. $trigger = New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -Once -At (Get-Date) -RepetitionInterval (New-TimeSpan -Hours 1) -RepetitionDuration ([System.TimeSpan]::MaxValue)This line creates a new scheduled task trigger using the New-ScheduledTaskTrigger cmdlet. The trigger is set to run once initially (-Once) at the current date and time (-At (Get-Date)). The -RepetitionInterval parameter specifies the interval between repetitions, which is set to 1 hour using New-TimeSpan -Hours 1. The -RepetitionDuration parameter is set to [System.TimeSpan]::MaxValue, indicating that the repetition should continue indefinitely.
  3. $settings = New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSetThis line creates a new scheduled task settings object using the New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet cmdlet. This object provides additional settings for the scheduled task.
  4. Register-ScheduledTask -Action $action -Trigger $trigger -TaskName "RunSrvGit" -Settings $settingsFinally, this line registers the scheduled task using the Register-ScheduledTask cmdlet. It specifies the task’s action ($action), trigger ($trigger), task name ("RunSrvGit"), and settings ($settings).
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